Danniell Marcelino and her well trained staff of eyebrow experts are affectionately and admiringly referred to as “Michealango of eyebrows,” because no one shapes and grooms brows in quite the same way. Dannielli and her staff has achieved “icon” status among Arizona’s elite. Rio Wax Salon is a virtual temple to the perfectly arched eyebrow. Danniell has built a reputation over the past several years as a top beauty maven by working magic on the brows of a large and loyal celebrity clientele. Danniell “expert eyebrow waxer” has created a new slant on eyebrow arching. After measuring the individual angles of your face, Danniell or one of her highly trained brow experts will determine your most flattering start, end and arch points, then remove superfluous hair with their flexible wax to leave you with very ‘wow’ brows.

The most dramatic change you can make to your appearance without cosmetic surgery is to have your eyebrows perfectly designed, with our years of experience and knowledge we are able to deliver superior brow wax than any of our competition.  Eye Brows includes waxing of both eyebrows.

Ask our Wax Specialists to review certain shapes and styles best for your facial structure. Call us 602-955-0899

The Professional Brow Kit By Dannielli Marcelino is the perfect all in one kit! Call today to book a Free Professional Brow Make-up trial with Dannielli and one of our brow artist 602-955-0899

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