Want to impress this Valentine’s Day? Then, upgrade

Want to impress this Valentine’s Day? Then, upgrade

While a spa package of a facial and/or massage is always appreciated, it’s always nice to add something a little unexpected. For example, a vajazzeling or vattooing service that will certainly bring your V-day celebration to a titillating level! And what about a spa treatment that can make your woman’s décolleté always youthful-looking? With sun exposure and damage and other factors that can ruin the decollete’s delicate skin, this spa treatment will treat her just right. And you, too.


PHOENIX—When flowers aren’t enough, it’s always safe and a good idea to give the gift of relaxation to the one you love for Valentine’s Day. Many day spas in the Valley offer various Valentine’s Day spa packages that often include the usual pampering massage, rejuvenating facial and a mani-pedi to complete the deal. While the usual spa treatments are always appreciated by recipients, adding a little something unexpected to a spa package can possibly make your Valentine’s Day a little more titillating.

The Valley’s Queen of Waxing, Dannielli Marcelino, owner of Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix says that more and more clients are adding waxing services and spa treatments that specifically target certain areas of the body to enhance them.

“As Valentine’s Day approaches, we notice that a lot of clients purchase couple massage packages, or a facial and pampering massage combo for their significant others, but they also add something different. Men, for example, add a bikini or Brazilian waxing service for their women. And women, well, they add a little bling…for the enjoyment of their significant others, of course,” said Dannielli.

Vajazzeling and vattooing, the beauty trends of adding crystals or fake tattoos to showcase your nether regions, saw a surge in demand last year and the trend still continues. According to Dannielli, women ask for a vajazzaling or vattooing service to surprise their loved one during their intimate moments. The crystals or custom-designed fake tattoos are applied to lasered or waxed skin, and the application can last up to four weeks.
Some male clients add a Neck and Décolleté service to a spa package for the woman in their lives. This type of service concentrates on the neck and cleavage area, which are often neglected and become susceptible to wrinkles, sun and age spots and sagging.

“Men very well know that women are not fond of sagging skin because it really ages you. The neck & décolleté spa treatment is perfect for keeping that part of the body youthful-looking,” explains Dannielli. She adds that a more intense facial treatment, like the Glow & Go Peel, is also appreciated by both and women because its main goal is to repair sun damage with enzyme proteins. Both spa treatments are probably out of the ordinary, but very well appreciated by recipients.

“Recipients don’t ever expect ‘out-of-the-box’ kind of treatments,” said Dannielli. “However, if you give them something unexpected, like a vajazzeling or a vattooing session, it raises the game, and makes your Valentine’s Day celebration a little more special,” she added.
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Rio Wax Salon is Phoenix’s latest hip and innovative salon offering waxing services, as well as facials and massages. It is the latest beauty venture by the Valley’s Queen of Waxing, Dannielli Marcelino, considered a leader in the latest body waxing trends and techniques and other beauty spa treatments. Dannielli has created Rio Wax Salon to provide clients and other beauty-conscious men and women a unique and relaxing spa experience.  Rio Wax Salon is located centrally in a 4,000 square foot space surrounded by desert trees.