How to Give Your Man a Makeover: Brows

How to Give Your Man a Makeover: Brows

Men’s Grooming

For some guys, brows are just those two things above their eyes that remain untouchable. For us girls, this can be a problem. Luckily for everyone, men’s grooming is on the rise, as is the amount of guys heading into salons to get their brows trimmed. A brow trim or clean-up not only makes your guy look more polished and better taken care of, it can also make him look more awake! We spoke with Dannielli Marcelino, director of Rio Wax Salon, to find out the best way to get your guy to the salon, and how to look after those brows.

Brow trimming and maintenance are becoming quite popular for men these days. Credit it to more competition in the workplace or the rise of the metro-sexual man, but guys are heading to the salon and not feeling embarrassed about it. “We have so many male customers now, and they’re not just coming in with their wives or girlfriends,” says Marcelino. “Men recognize that they need to look cleaner and well-maintained, especially as they’re competing with younger guys in the workplace who look sharper. Most guys get their brows done because they make them look a lot more awake.”

But what about those guys who don’t want to go anywhere near the salon? “You can’t make it seem like a big deal,” says Marcelino. “Act as if it’s nothing for a man to get his brows groomed, and point out the benefits of looking younger, more awake, and more approachable in the workplace.”

As for ongoing maintenance? “If a guy gets his brows done properly, he won’t need to brush them or apply gel to keep them in shape,” saysMarcelino. “It’s a simple procedure in the salon and then you forget about it! The worst thing is if a guy tries to pluck his own brows. Just don’t let your boyfriend do that himself.”

So, ladies, take it easy, don’t push your guy into something, and explain all the benefits in a logical manner. Just remember, it’s no big thing!

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